When is software correct

Developing software should always go hand in hand with testing it. With tests, we can prove that our software works correctly. There are many ways to prove this, but all of them require us to define what “works correctly” is. In this article, I’ll explore how we can define correct in the […]

Hiring unicorns

Have you ever seen a job posting that requires so many different skills that you got an anxiety attack just reading it? I’ve inadvertently created such a unicorn job posting. Here’s what happened. Unicorn job postings 🦄 Some IT-related job postings require many different skills and so much experience that […]

Contract-based testing 6: Better together

In part 3, part 4, and part 5, I talked about the provider-driven and consumer-driven approaches to contract-based testing. In those parts, we used one type of contract at a time. While reading previous parts, you might have wondered what would happen if we used both contract types for the same integration. Bi-directional […]

Contract-based testing 5: The best approach

In part 3 and part 4, I’ve explained how the two approaches to contract-based testing work. I’ve talked about the provider-driven approach in part 3 and the consumer-driven approach in part 4. In this part, I want to compare the two approaches to each other. While doing this, I’ll provide some more detail on the approaches. […]

Contract-based testing 4: Custom build, just for you

In part 3, I’ve started explaining how contract-based testing works. To that end, I’ve talked about the provider-driven approach. In this part, I want to add to that by talking about the consumer-driven approach. There is more to unpack here than in the provider-driven approach. Because of this, the comparison […]

Contract-based testing 3: Accept, or get out

In part 1, I’ve talked about what contract-based testing is. In part 2, I continued with why we should prefer contract-based testing over end-to-end testing. In this part, I want to start with how contract-based testing works. While doing so, I’ll also go into the details of the provider-driven approach. Sadly, […]