Hiring unicorns

Have you ever seen a job posting that requires so many different skills that you got an anxiety attack just reading it? I’ve inadvertently created such a unicorn job posting. Here’s what happened. Unicorn job postings 🦄 Some IT-related job postings require many different skills and so much experience that […]

Contract-based testing 6: Better together

In part 3, part 4, and part 5, I talked about the provider-driven and consumer-driven approaches to contract-based testing. In those parts, we used one type of contract at a time. While reading previous parts, you might have wondered what would happen if we used both contract types for the same integration. Bi-directional […]

Contract-based testing 5: The best approach

In part 3 and part 4, I’ve explained how the two approaches to contract-based testing work. I’ve talked about the provider-driven approach in part 3 and the consumer-driven approach in part 4. In this part, I want to compare the two approaches to each other. While doing this, I’ll provide some more detail on the approaches. […]

Contract-based testing 4: Custom build, just for you

In part 3, I’ve started explaining how contract-based testing works. To that end, I’ve talked about the provider-driven approach. In this part, I want to add to that by talking about the consumer-driven approach. There is more to unpack here than in the provider-driven approach. Because of this, the comparison […]

Contract-based testing 3: Accept, or get out

In part 1, I’ve talked about what contract-based testing is. In part 2, I continued with why we should prefer contract-based testing over end-to-end testing. In this part, I want to start with how contract-based testing works. While doing so, I’ll also go into the details of the provider-driven approach. Sadly, […]

Contract-Based Testing 2: End‑to‑End Headaches

In part 1, I’ve talked about the basics of contract-based testing. I haven’t talked about the specifics of contract-based testing yet, I will do so in part 3. Before I dive deep into the details of contract-based testing I want to take a small step back to talk about end-to-end testing. […]